Off with the Pee Guard!


I potty trained my son when he was 19 months and he's now 27 months old. I taught him to pee sitting down with a potty chair with a pretty tall splash guard. I want him to be able to get on the toilet by himself with a stool and with that tall guard, he can't get on. I removed the guard and told him he had to hold his penis down when he went pee and he flipped out. He held it all day yesterday (from 10am to 8:30pm) and his father put the pee guard back on so he would relieve himself before bedtime, and he did. This morning it's the same routine. I don't want him to get a bladder infection, but I also don't want to let him be in control of the situation. Should I hold off and wait a while, or just stand my ground and hope he doesn't wet the bed/himself? Please, any advice will help!

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