I have written a number of times beginning in January '14 regarding my 5 year old son wetting his pants. Each time, I was encouraged to stay the course and continue putting him to bed early until he had stayed dry for 10 days. Since it has now been over six months and he is still wetting his pants 3-4 times every day, at what point do I stop staying the course and perhaps change course? He will be starting kindergarten in just over a month, and I don't know what we're going to do! He has also started pooping in his pants, which he was not doing when I originally wrote. He will sometimes realize what's going on and run to the bathroom to finish, but these days almost every bowel movement occurs at least partially in his pants. In the last couple weeks, he has also started peeing in inappropriate places (in a toy truck, twice in the trash can in his room, in a Lego box, on the floor). Since January, I think he has gone to bed at his "normal" time twice, both early on in the process. He was recently diagnosed as being on the autism spectrum (I know, a catch-all for everything) and does have low muscle tone and some sensory issues, so I don't know how much that's all playing into this. Sometimes I can tell that he knows he's wet his pants, but other times he genuinely seems completely unaware that he's soaking wet. Any advice??

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