Gotta Swim!


Our son will be 5 in a couple months, and he's the oldest of three siblings. He's typically very cautious and a thinker. Recently he and his 3 year old sister started swimming lessons. He's OK splashing around in the water until the teachers try to get him to do things like splashing, blowing bubbles, being pulled around on a noodle, etc. His sister is in the same class and does everything just fine, but she's more of a risk-taker.

I'm seeing this as a defiance issue because he's not afraid of water; he swims elsewhere with floats on and so forth. He just doesn't want to do what's asked and gives no reason as to why.

We've decided to enroll him in more swimming lessons, probably without his sister. How can we get him to learn how to swim? Should the Doctor pay a visit? Or, given his cautious nature, does he just need time to warm up to the idea?

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