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15 New Year's Resolutions for Parents

Posted on 1/1/2024

Given that the new year is upon us, I'm proposing a number of parenting resolutions for my readers to consider. The list is by no means comprehensive. It's just a good beginning on what is...

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Don't Make Santa Claus Into a Boogie Man

Posted on 12/8/2023

Okay, stop it! Enough, already! I guess we need some rules around here, beginning and ending with, “Don’t make Santa Claus into a boogie man.” I know him personally and he’s the...

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Resolutions for a New School Year

Posted on 8/16/2023

With a new school year upon us, it might be wise for parents of school-age children to make some resolutions, as in promises to themselves to change certain behaviors, avoid certain pitfalls,...

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The Blessing of Being Unpopular

Posted on 8/16/2023

When my daughter Amy entered middle school, she looked two to three years younger than most of her female peers. That was a blessing to me, of course, but from Amy's perspective, it was a curse....

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And the Eyes of Both of Them Were Opened

Posted on 6/23/2023

Circa 450 BC, Greek philosopher Protagoras coined his most famous line: “Man is the measure of all things.” That is a claim, not a fact. It is, in fact, mankind’s chief claim to fame. Man was...

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