7 year old weight problem


My 7 y.o. grandson already has a weight problem. We are very concerned. Our biggest problem is his dad, who is also obese. His dad has unlimited access to the child and is very good father. The problem is, he will not work with my grandson's mother or me on the weight problem. It is not unusual for the child to weigh several pounds more when he comes back from a weekend and even more after vacations.
Now my grandson is sneaking food out of the pantry or where ever he finds it. We are finding wrappers under his bed, in his garbage can and in his desk at home. We are very hesitant to lecture him on his eating habits(he is very aware of the problem) and when we say anything at all it is usually about us ALL needing to eat healthier.
What would be the best way to handle the amount of food his is eating while away and the food stealing?

Thank you,
Concerned grandmother

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