Godparents and Grandparents spoiling


I have read, understand, and for the most part agree with, your opinion about allowing grandparents to "spoil" their grandchildren. However, my daughter's grandmother and her godparents idea of "spoiling" her is by buying her LOTS of useless things..mostly "junk" toys, or candy/gum (which make her hyper and me miserable). They buy these things in mass quantity. I have repeatedly told them that I don't care what/how much they buy for her, it just has to stay at THEIR house, I don't want it at mine. I've even told them if anything shows up at my house, I am going to throw it away. Well, they have gotten very angry, acted like I've completely broken their hearts, given me sad faces, and tell me I'm being ridicilous. To top it off, they continue to send things to my house, despite my requests. I know their hearts are in the right places, but please give me some advice on how to handle this.

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