Copycat 3yo


Our 3 year old son is such a copycat. He copies his little sister (20 months old); his peers; his older cousins. It's maddening! Today was the kicker for me. We went to the store with his aunt and 5 year old cousin (not a Rosemond-raised child - 'nuf said!). The two boys ran off, and my son would not listen to a word that I said as I cahsed after him with my daughter in tow. I finally grabbed him by the arm and pulled him through the store until we were done. His cousin had no discipline from his mother. Whatever... my problem is with getting my son to do what he knows is right even when he's around other kids! By himself at home and even at church Sunday School, he's well-behaved, etc. Any suggestions for this copying that seems to hvae gotten worse over time? Thank you!

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