kid lies about using toothpaste


I have a friend who recently confronted his seven year old grandson about lying to him. My friend handled the situation very appropriately, from what he shared with me. My friend's grandson told him that he used toothpaste to brush his teeth, however my friend/grandpa discovered that he had not used toothpaste. My friend asked his grandson why he lied to him. The boy's sister/my friend's granddaughter told my friend that little brother did not mean to lie and that it was "an accident." A few days later my friend's daughter/kid's mother confronted my friend and asked him why he told "her" son he was a liar. This incident caused a rift between father and daughter. My friend's daughter told him that her and her husband are working with their son/my friend's grandson on this issue and told my friend that he was being "legalistic" by telling his grandson he lied. Your thoughts on this scenario and your advice in general in how to deal with young children when they lie. Thanks John!

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