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I volunteer at a Daycare Center whose clientele is mostly single mothers on the "welfare-to-work" program. One mother, in her mid '20's, has two out-of-control sons, ages 2 and 4. They both appear to be of normal intelligence, but cannot pay attention, follow directions, stay on task, etc, especially the 4-year-old. Both are sociable and generally happy children, but they are disruptive and the 4-yr-old spends much of the day in time out, even on the playground. The 2-yr-old is punished less because (1) allowances are made for his age and (2) he is extremely adorable. The 4 yr-old stutters, but otherwise has normal expressive language ability, but, on reading your Qs&As, I suspect he has a "language processing delay" in receptive language. Should he be referred to a Speech Pathologist?

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