Handling 4 yo aggression at friends' house


Hello! Thank you for your common sense advice, your books have been so helpful. Our almost 4 year old is already well on her way to rehabilitation (and we are all happier). I have a question about handling conflict between children outside the family. In a situation where our family (mom, dad, almost 4 year old girl, 6 year old boy) is visiting another family home with kids the same age, for dinner and dessert, etc., and our almost 4 yo hits another child (not the sibling) during play.....what is the best way to handle this? While I would have the siblings work out their own issues at home, it feels complicated when the issue involves a child from another family. Do we confine her to a space for the remainder of the visit, or immediately leave the event and just give the host a warning that until the behavior stops, we may have short visits?

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