18 year old "asking" to be emancipated


We have an 18 year old son who is a Senior in High School. We have been having discipline problems with him on and off mostly since about 17 but have really gotten bad since he turned 18 in the Fall. He has a part time job that he has been doing good at but his grades are barley passing this year. He gave up on going away to college and now has settled for a Community College. He has steadily changed all his friends, and become very defiant and we have discovered he has been smoking pot. Needless to say the car has been taken away. That unfortunately hasn't changed much so we have tried talking, taking the phone away for weeks at a time, etc. Every time we give him a punishment it seems he uses it against us and doubles down so to say. Skipping school, not coming home on time, etc. He seems to try to be good for a few days or weeks and then it starts up again. During Spring Break he took off,against our wishes,to a huge concert for four days with kids we know aren't great , we flat out told him NO and he went anyways! My question is should we ask him to leave and find somewhere else to live when he comes home or let him stay till he gaduates and then tell him to leave? We are open to all suggestions

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