8 yr. old boy resentful of homeschooling


I have three sons. My oldest is eight. For the past two years I have homeschooled him. Prior to that he attended a Christian school for two years. While he attended school I had rarely any problems with him.(I understand that it may have something to do with his age) He did very well in school and at home. When I began homeschooling him he completely resented it and still does. He has gone from a bright and competitive student to a careless student. He and I frequently "bump heads" which makes it nearly impossibly to encourage a love for learning. He spends most of his time complaining and then does the bare minimum in order to get to do what he wants. I have tried taking things away as well as rewarding him. Nothing seems to accomplish what I want; for him to want to do his best at whatever he is working on.On top of this he is disobedient, sneaky, and manipulative. I admit I have been inconsistent with him over the years. I have often lost my temper and have to go back and apoligize. Please give me any advice you can think of that could help me to encourage my son to do well in his school work, chores, and relationships. Also, do you recommend homeschooling a child like this?

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