Does an 18 month old need naps?


I have a question about my 18 month old, who is quite different from my older two in terms of napping, so I need a little expert advice: is it a biological necessity for him to nap during the day to be a healthy, growing little guy? It seems like when he does nap in the afternoon it's for 2-3 hours, he wakes up in a horrible temper which doesn't wear off for at least an hour, and when he finally "comes round" to being his happy normal self, he is raring to go until at least 9 pm and wakes up before dawn the next morning. If he doesn't nap in the afternoon, he is generally in a quite good-natured mood and rarely gets cranky or acts tired until about 6:30, is in bed fast asleep by 7, and sleeps till about 7 the next morning. I don't know about you, but I find the second scenario much more enjoyable. I'd rather have quiet and relaxed evenings and happy afternoons. I can put him in his room to play by himself for an hour without any resistance so I still get a break in the afternoon. I've never heard of an 18-month old not needing a daytime nap, but could this be an exception?

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