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6 year old, "I hate myself!"


Good Afternoon,
My son is six years old and extremely sensitive. He's polite very kind and pretty much a rule follower. He does express anger at times when things don't go his way but he's very quick to apologize and feel badly for his behavior. My question is should I be worried when I hear him say things like I'm not a good brother, or I don't like myself right now, or I hate myself. He will often say things like I never can do anything right, or I'm just a terrible person! I've explained to him that it's okay to make mistakes and that we get a new chance every day to try to do better. As long as we learn from our mistakes and try to improve then it's okay. He's so hard on himself and I worry about this at such a young age. Should I be concerned? What can I do to reassure him he is doing fine and build his confidence? He is extremely bright and gets very frustrated when he can't do something correctly, and immediately wants to give up faulting himself. I'm worried!

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