18 Month Old Screamer


We have 4 YO and 18 MO boys. From the time I get home from work at 4 PM until bedtime at 7:15 PM, the baby screams unless he is being held. Daycare does not report behavior like this at all, and if Daddy is home alone with him he does not behave this way. But if we are home together, Daddy cannot hold the baby, he will scream for me. If I try to put him down he wraps his legs around me to prevent it. This is almost constant, even though he is fed, changed, and not apparently experiencing any medical issues. I tolerate the first hour, in the second hour I bite my lips until they bleed, and when Daddy walks in the door I am either in tears or bolting for the exit. I feel so guilty for feeling this way about my child, who at other times is perfectly charming, but I dread coming home every day. Of course during this time I must also prepare a meal and attend to the 4 YO who is competing with the screamer for my attention. I am exhausted, resentful, and at wits end.

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