Nighttime Potty Training a 4-Year-Old


My daughter is 4 and I've been putting off nighttime potty training until the school year ends because sleep deprivation turns her into a bear. Once school is over, I plan to start with John's plan of putting her to bed naked from the waist down, with stacks of towels ready. My concern is that I only have 3 weeks of summer before we'll be traveling off and on and I really just want her to get this in those 3 weeks. We also have an 18-month-old son and I am currently pregnant so the thought of dealing with nighttime potty training while traveling and dealing with two kids far out of routine is completely exhausting.

If she doesn't get it in those 3 weeks, will I completely mess things up by putting her back in pull-ups for our month or so of traveling off and on? Or should I stick with no pull-ups at home but use them while traveling?

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