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I have twin three-year-old girls (& a 6yo girl). For many reasons I have co-slept with the twins (husband’s 48-hour shift work, breastfeeding, etc.). I have slowly worked up to the point where we have our nighttime routine, then I lay with them to sleep and then escape to my own bed with hubby. Twin A then wakes up around midnight every night and is inconsolable without me. After about 15 minutes of what sounds like a horror film, I’ve gone in (and given in), letting her lay on me to get back to sleep. I’m needing more rest and need help getting them to sleep on their own all night. They share a full size bed. Twin B can get really mean and throws stuff when angered (we’re working on it). Twin A is a cover hog. Twin B sleeps through the night most nights. My concern is that they might start hurting each other during a sleep training, but we don’t have another bedroom available. I could try to get them their own beds as well, but I’ll need to save for a few months. Help please!

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