My mother always lived in fear of the CPS taking us away and she continues to live in fear of it happening to her grandchildren. She did her best to rise my brother and I right. I feel like she did a good job but the fear got in the way. She was so worried that she didn’t discipline as much as she should have. Now she worries about my kids even though I’m doing the best I know to do. I am not abusive but try to raise them the way God has instructed me to. We live in an apartment in a quadplex and she is worried about neighbors hearing the kids. I have to fight against the fear she has passed on or it will control me too. She also worried about them getting hurt. I do what I can to keep the kids safe but I can’t protect them from every crash and bang of life. They will learn to be careful over time. How do I calm her fears and work through this and not become fearful myself?

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