Working on independent sleep 7.5 yo daughter. Follows bedtime routine and falls asleep in own bed. Is waking between Midnight & 5 am constantly. 2 years ago, I gave in and have been sleeping with her when she wakes so I could get back to sleep. Announced with doctor's orders we are no longer sleeping with her and have not wavered in 5 nights. Have wavered on locking the door. Old house has a door that does not lock. Trying this Advice: How To Ensure Your Children Sleep on Their Own (post) Calmly back to room isn’t working. One good night, but last night was another night of her out of bed every hour and no sleep for whole family. She continues to come in pleading and scared. Falls back to sleep, waking again in 30-60 min crying about bad dream and scared. She says she’s scared and bad dreams. She is an anxious and scared kid in general after losing a grandparent. There is no reasoning with her or calming her. Barricade the door and stay strong?

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