Big move Big changes


Since our move my daughter has started having accidents again. She was day potty trained (only a couple accidents a week so staying dry and clean 98% of the time) but after the move she started pooping her underwear every day and now she has also been wetting herself. Sometimes it’s on the way to the bathroom but she didn’t make it in time. She was doing so well until the move. Also her and her brother have become very clingy since the move. I understand that it’s a new place and life is different so I try to hold them some each day and give them frequent hugs and remind them that I love them. But I can’t cuddle with them or carry them around the whole day while I cook, clean, do laundry, etc. They are getting big and so it’s harder to carry them and more challenging to work while they cling to my legs. What should I do to help my daughter gain the ground she lost on potty training and how do I help the kids cope with the change?

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