Toddlers struggle with rules.


How do I teach my little people (2.5 and 1.5) to have respect? Often the baby will scream and yell for what he wants and doesn’t use much English yet. My daughter talks clearly but often demands things. I’ve been working with her on saying please. I often tell her in Alpha speech “you don’t talk to Mommy that way. You talk sweet.” She thinks if she says please, even if it’s in a demanding voice, I have to do it. She will demand, “I said PLEASE give me ——!” When she demands I have let her know that that is not the way to talk to Mommy. She also says “I don’t want to” a lot when we tell her to do things. I understand not wanting to do things (I don’t want to change the baby’s diaper but I do anyways) but I expect her to obey anyways. Sometimes the “I don’t want to” is disrespectful and other times it isn’t. My husband and I were both raised that disrespect is not acceptable and we are trying to raise our children to be respectful. How can we do that at 2.5 and 1.5 years old?

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