Night Training


1. My daughter (2.5) is day potty trained other than occasionally having accidents. But at night or nap time she still wets the bed. We stopped doing diapers totally with her quite a while ago but she hasn’t gotten how to hold her bladder while she sleeps. Every great now and then she will be dry when she wakes up but the majority of the time she’s drenched. I’m tired of always having lots of bedding to wash. I was hoping that after a month or two of no diapers she would learn on her own but it’s been maybe six months or more and she is still wets herself at night.
2. I need to potty train my son (18 m) but want to finish my daughter’s training first before I start training him. But I know time is ticking and soon the “window” will close. I started with my daughter at 16 months and never looked back. But I’m very overwhelmed about training him. I tried for one or two days several months ago but realized that I wasn’t ready. I don’t have much support from others about potty training.

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