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A while back I had asked a question about potty training my daughter (2). She has the idea down but often gets too busy playing and then has accidents. I have been making her wash out her underwear whenever she has pooped her underwear and hoped that eventually she would decide that it’s not fun to wash out yucky underwear and would stop having accidents. Instead my daughter doesn’t mind washing out her underwear and is still having accidents even thought she’s old enough to know better. I have told her over and over that poop and pee need to go in the potty. She knows that but still is too busy playing. After the accident has happened then she comes and tells me. But she doesn’t tell me before. She has a toddler potty in the play room that she can use but most of the time she would rather have an accident instead since she would rather use the adult potty instead of the little potty. I would leave the baby gate open but then my 15 month old will run around and play in the toilet.

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