Per the answer to my previous question, I started the picky eating program with all my kids a about a week ago.

Where I need clarification is that my main concern is my 10 y/o son. He is a high misbehavor specifically on disrespect and disobedience. Such as calling me names, sometimes physical, not listening, talking back. A few weeks ago he threw something at his brother and I took away screens for a month, which after today I made it two months since he threw something at me. He always blames his anger and says he didn't mean to. His behavior has caused issues at school and other places outside our home. He's not like this everyday just most days.

So do I scratch the picky eating for all kids and start either tickets or Kick Him Out of the Garden? If I Kick Him Out of the Garden, then do I take away all books (which he loves to read)? Thanks!

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