We have followed your advice and most of the bad behavior (throwing food, bully little brother, battles over picking up toys, being a tattle tale) have cleared up. But we are still struggling some with our daughter (2) obeying right away and often she has an attitude and says, “I don’t want to obey” in an ugly tone. I do my best to do Alpha speech and expect her to obey. If she doesn’t, I pick her up and carry her to her bed to do time out for five minutes. If she throws a fit about it, she either goes to her bed or the play area (that is fenced off with baby gates) and she can roar all she wants but I ignore her until she is sweet again. She normally doesn’t throw fits for long because I ignore her. How do I train her to quit throwing fits totally and obey right away without the attitude? The other battles have been dealt with (until she tests me again) but this one is being challenging to conquer. I am doing my best to be consistent, but I think I’m missing something.

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