8 year old boy bedwetting


My stepson is 8-y-o and bedwets. He was potty trained at age 2, but wore pull-ups at night since. He was adopted out of foster care as a toddler by my husband and his late wife. First wife died in 2018, and husband was a single parent until we married in 2021. The bedwetting issue wasn't a priority through the late wife's illness, death, and grief.

When our son was 6, we tried to train him out of pull-ups, but were unsuccessful. Now that he is 8, we're determined to tackle the issue. We started with having positive reinforcements when he awakes dry (candy daily, bigger prizes for consistency), but have had to add negative reinforcements (no screen time on days he doesn't wake up dry or lies). We cease drinks two hours before bedtime, and have alarms several times a night. He often ignores the alarms and then lies. He's struggling with anger and behavioral issues out of his frustration.

How do we help move him through this issue with both encouragement and accountability?

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