The Lying Game


Our 12 y.o. son has been lying to us, but most concerning is about injuries received on his face and neck after school. The first incident he had scratches on his neck which he blamed on tree branches at recess. The second incident he had a black eye and a small scratch at his inner eye. He blamed it on falling into tree branches. I check his phone messages regularly & read that his friend scratched his neck, then she scratched hers. She felt sick over it & went back & forth about whether she should tell me "the truth about what happened to his neck". I asked my son again what happened & he said they were playing around squeezing the back of each others neck & she accidentally scratched his neck. He said she felt bad about it so she scratched her neck. If it was an accident, they would feel no guilt or need to lie. When I asked him again about the black eye, he maintains steady eye contact while sustaining that a tree branch hit him. I dont trust him now. How do I handle lying?

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