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My Mama used John’s ideas on my brother and I when we were teenagers. We used to listen to CDs of his lectures for fun because we liked his humor but didn’t like it when Mama listened to it because we didn’t want her to get more ideas of how to train us. Before I had kids I knew I wanted to raise them this way and I used it with the kids I babysat. My husband has been supportive. My daughter (2yr) is doing much better in some of the areas we were struggling that I had asked questions about. We are still working with picking up toys, throwing toys out of the play area, throwing food out of the high chair, and being nice to her brother (1yr) but she has stopped getting into our things during her nap time and throwing fits has really slowed down. I am encouraged at the progress. Your encouragement, helpful advice, and support have been a huge blessing. I listen to the podcast and very much enjoy it. Thanks so much. God bless you.

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