Spanking memories


My husband used to spank our son (now 15) when our son was younger for things that I would not consider spank worthy (ie. not paying attention at a sports practice when he was 7). I'm sure I voiced my displeasure to my husband at the time/after the spanking. Lately, while badgering me during an argument I should not have let get as far as it did, my son asked me about my love for him. Did I not love him enough to stop the spanking? (which took place in the garage while I was in the house). How can I even try to respond to that?

I have tried to talk to my husband about our son remembering being spanked - not about the more recent comment as my husband thinks our son manipulates me/the conversation. My husband says he doesn't remember spanking him in the example I gave . . so it would be hard for him to apologize for something he doesn't remember. Our son may be manipulating me but I still feel like it needs addressed or he'll continue to bring it.

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