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Hello, I have a situation and I am not sure how to respond. My son often corrects what I say. So much so, I've began to respond with, "Why don't you give me a list of what I can and can't say so that this won't happen so often?" The latest altercation happened because he overheard me telling a close friend who is in theatre that Mike (17) had gotten a part in a play at the local theatre. "It's a small part; but it's a part!" I said.
My son, who overheard the phone call, said "Will you just stop!" Why did you have to say it's a small part?" I told him that I was just repeating what he'd told me about the part. He then proceeded to tell me that I'd humiliated him by telling my friend it was a small part, and his feelings were hurt because even though it was a small part, it was not easy, and he had to work hard at it.
I am not sure how to respond when he corrects my words, and he often does. It is frustrating. Do you have any advice?

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