When 'Because I said so' isn't stopping the conversation


We have a twelve-year old son that has trouble taking no for an answer. The question is asked, we say "no", and the "why" comes out. We follow that with "because I said so". He refuses to take that as an answer. Sometimes he will say "that is not an answer" or "that means you have no answer". Sometimes he refuses to leave the room and persists to ask the same question over and over. We have started getting up and walking away but he will follow us around the house asking the question. We have tried changing the subject which works some of the time. However, the other night he kept on and we just decided to leave the house. That was our way of pulling the plug because it seemed like the last measure. It happened again but we used the excuse of needing to runs errunds. Any way we can clean this up or other strategies for pulling the plug?

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