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My son is 2 years and 1 month. For several months, he had been sleeping on his own throughout the night in his own bed without any issue. We place him in his bed, kiss him good night, walk out, and close the door behind us. When he turned 2, we started taking him to nursery school for a couple hours a day so that I (his mother) can have some time to myself, as I have been his full-time caretaker since he was born. Since he started nursery school, bedtime has been a struggle. He now wants us to lay next to him until he falls asleep. To add to that headache, at 4am he wakes up and comes to our bed wanting to sleep with us. We walk him back to his bed; he screams and comes running back to our bed. We then respond by walking him back to his bed. This routine continues for hours (literally) until we give up and sleep with him in his bed. What do we do? I want to continue taking him to nursery school (for my own sanity) and be able to sleep uninterrupted throughout the night. Please help!

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