We have just embarked on toilet training our 22-month old son.

Will you kindly clarify why there are conflicting answers on this site as to the question of wearing diapers at naptime and nighttime during toilet training?

In 2020, I see a Parent Coach advising that diapers are NOT recommended at either of these times. (example: "Nap Time and Potty Training" by Lisa Woodman)

In 2015, I see a Parent Coach advising that diapers ARE recommended during these times until the toddler is trained for daytime. (example: "The Diaper Question When Training" by Sarah Hamaker)

Also, if it is recommended to NOT have a toddler who sleeps in a crib (that he cannot get out of) wear a diaper at naptime/night, will you please advise what he should be expected to do at naptime and at night when he has to go to the bathroom?

Thank you.

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