My son is nine years old and the middle child. He is a very capable, charming and intelligent little boy. He’s doing very well in school but is the laziest person I have ever come across. We definitely contributed to the problem as we have a housekeeper all week and the children leave the house at 7 to return at 5 or later (3 different school runs and forcing them to exercise after school) so by the time they get home it is time for dinner and bed. They have very few chores to do (set the table/load the dishwasher etc) and the ones they are given I have have to nag them and nag them to do. It’s exhausting!

when my son finally does his chores he never does them properly. We have taken away his privileges like video games and play dates in the past, but nothing seems to change. He even lost his dog as he didn’t take care of him. He will talk back when I ask him to do something extra (earning him a slap across the face at times) and never willingly help.

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