Who’s in Charge Here?


I'm the stepfather to a 16-year-old daughter. She has a strong willed personality. She wants her independence, and her mother and I are giving her more freedom to do what she wants with her friends. The other night she had a friend come over in the evening. She asked if they could go outside at 9pm and go to the dead end to play in the snow. My red flags went up with her request as I don't trust her much. I didn't say anything, and her mother said it was fine. They came back from being outside, and her friend went home within 15 minutes. My stepdaughter went to her room, put on body spray and came out to give us goodnight hugs. Her mother hates that all I think she is doing is negative things, and she is right. Would you agree that she is trying to cover up some sort of smoke smell, whether it is from vaping, cigarettes, or weed?

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