4 year old crying episodes


My grandson is 4 to be 5 in May of this year 2023. He is in a pre K public school and has been since September of 2022. He has been , we think, behind in his personal growth. During the birth he went into distress 3 or 4 times before a c section. He is behind in his speech and goes to the school's speech help 2 times a week for about a half an hour. Our question is that if he doesn't get his way or want to do something with the aspect of sharing with his brother he whines and cries. at home he will take himself into the other room and then return when he stops crying. which is really a minimum amount of time. Our concern is that he also does this at the Pre k and we are worried about his social acceptance with the other kids. should we or is there a way we can get him to cope without these short crying episodes

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