Puppy challenge


We got a puppy in July, and while the dog is great I’m not able to get my kids to stay off of him, mainly my son (6yrs). He seems to think he is a stuffed animal or a toy and plays way too rough. We have told him he can’t touch the dog, he doesn’t have a dog, threatened to get rid of the dog, he has had timeout in his room, we have played back and “pinned” him to the floor for lots of “love” to see how he likes it (he thinks it’s hysterical), spanked his bottom, and taken away other things (favored Lego toy, iPad). For a “logical” consequence the dog has nipped at him a few times but thankfully has not actually bit him yet. Multiple forms of feedback and “get off the dog” are said every single day.

Can you help with this scenario? How can we get our sanity back, and keep the dog? Other than this, he's a good kid and very loving to us and his siblings.

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