Potty training and responsibility


Is it ok to discipline a 4-year old for a potty accident? We potty trained our daughter at 25-months old. She turns 4 next week and she rarely has accidents anymore. However, strangely, today she had 2 accidents where she didn’t even try to go to the potty, and didn’t say she had to go potty. One time was at home in the hallway next to the bathroom. The second time was while outside on a walk with our nanny. She just peed in her pants and let it run down her legs. It was very strange, because normally she holds it until she gets to the potty. My husbands wants to discipline our daughter. Such as time-out/no toys. He says, “We’re beyond the ‘you’ll do better next time.’ She knows better and she should be punished for having an accident.”
Is he right? Is she old enough now that she should be punished for peeing herself without going to the potty or telling us she needs to go to the potty?

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