Give Little Violinist Some Space


My 8 year old son has anger issues with violin practices, especially when I give him feedback and direction. He often refuses to repeat a phrase or practise it sufficiently. He gets angry and loses his temper over the violin and shouts, argues or becomes absolutely
belligerent, or whack his bow, or bang the wardrobe, stomp his feet. When I attempt to help him, he would say things like “you mean do it like this?” (And proceeding to demonstrate the phrase horribly on purpose) and refusing to try it again. He does love the violin and is pretty good at the violin but there is too much drama with practices. Violin lessons he is OK, just is a bit crazy and often plays the violin whilst the teacher is talking. He does this with me at home too and this has been happening for a long time. His grandfather (my dad) is dying and things are a bit raw at home. What of discipline at this time? I have chosen to send him to his room indefinitely until this improves. Is this too harsh?

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