Update: The previous issue I wrote about where my toddler held his pee for hours and refused to go potty seems to have improved following some antibiotics given prophetically. However, other behavioral issues have persisted, i.e. coming to our bedroom in the middle of the night wanting me to go to his bed to sleep; immediate and total collapse at the slightest admonition; refusing to eat with other daycare children at meal time and demanding to eat after everyone else is done; throwing long tantrums which can only be stopped if I (mum) go in to calm him down. My husband and I are simply baffled that he seems a different child of late. Daycare lady, a good Christian woman with 21 years of experience, is also baffled. Where do I even start to civilize him again? Is this the toddler acting out due to feeling less cared for compared to his baby sister (he seems to be competitive for attention)? Whatever thoughts you have would be greatly appreciated. You can ignore my previous question.

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