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Our 15-year-old son stays out of trouble & is a good kid. The main issue is school. C student who lacks study skills, time mgmt, organizational skills, & seems fairly unmotivated. We have tried all kinds of things with him over the years but after reading Dr. Rosemond's materials we realize we have coddled him too much & have been changing our own approach and mindset. Last month he came home with an F in Spanish & has very low Cs almost Ds in 2-3 other classes. We grounded him until the grade comes up to a C. We took away his phone except for 1 hour a day, he cannot drive his truck (he has a permit) & must drive my mom's car when we are practicing. We are in the 4th week of grounding. The F moved to a low D only 5 points. He continues to let other class grades drop but they are still Cs but low Cs almost Ds. He just doesn't seem to have a high sense of urgency to get out of punishment & wanders around the house killing time instead of studying. Any insights or suggestions?

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