Two-Year-Old Burning Out Mom


I live every day in a blind rage. My 2 1/2 year old is exasperating, infuriating, demanding, interrupts continuously and I can not get a SINGLE task completed (can not stress enough). She talks incessantly from the moment she wakes with the majority of her sentences beginning with, “I need” and “I want”. Constantly climbs on counters and pulls things off before I can put them away. My day is a continual wasted effort because of her interruptions. I can not even plan meals let alone get them on the table. I’ve tried LEGO’s, Lincoln logs, crayons and paints. She is only occupied for a few minutes before the interruptions resume. Yet when I put her in her room, she miraculously stays occupied and talks to her toys. How do I stop the interruptions? How do I discipline the infraction? My parents alternate watching her while I work full time and they too are exasperated. She refuses to listen to us. We are totally burned out.

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