My 17 y/o daughter is from my first marriage. divorced when she was 3. Her stepdad and i have been married since she was 5. Long and short? We have done all of the parenting, all the tough stuff, responsible stuff, rules, discipline etc. Dad has always done what dad wants (fun or self-serving) and made her go along for the ride, or pawned off. He has been seeing and is now marrying a woman who comes from a wealthy family who my daughter has spent quite a bit of time with now for a couple of years. Her sense of entitlement has skyrocketed and the influence my husband and i have is dwindling. Dont want to compete; have decided to move out of state after she graduates then off to college. Trying to let her make the choices for her future that she has now decided on with this new influence, which includes our new home, just being a place she visits (not home). I feel im being pushed out of her life because ive set boundaries. How do i keep from losing a relationship with her?

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