Tween in need of self respect


Hi there,
I have an 11 year old who is a pretty good tween most of the time - independently does her homework, and is helpful around the house, respectful with teachers and peers. However with self-care (brushing teeth, showering, deodorant), she will not do it without being told or grumbles about it, or more recently, lies that she has done it when we ask. We have since refused to allow her to use her iPad until she gets through all her self-care items and reports this without prompting (1 sticker a day, 60 days in a row). Are we micromanaging?

In addition to this, she does not respond when spoken to, or answers sulkily, or plain ignores the parents. She is fidgeting, swaying, and giving antagonistic answers - pretending she does not understand us or the verses, etc, when I do some teaching and explaining about the Bible. Perhaps she is bored.. but she doesn’t do this in school. Should we ignore it as white noise or discipline the disrespect? How should we handle this?

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