Bedtime woes


My almost 3 year old has transitioned into a big girl bed. The first couple of nights went so well it felt too good to be true, however, after a good couple of nights, my daughter has cried non-stop, continually woken up, screaming until I get into bed with her, and will not now settle without me. Before this I have never co slept with her, I took on Johns advice not to co sleep so I haven’t. I have implemented the Dutch door (using a stair gate as an alternative to Dutch door due to renting). I have been checking on my daughter every 5 to 10 minutes to reassure her, then leaving, But the last 2 nights I have been co sleeping in her bedroom on the floor just to regain some lost sleep as I couldn’t function at work with her waking all night for 3 weeks on end. Should I continue to do what I was doing and is there an average time scale until she will self settle? I wonder if I need to reassure myself more regularly that this is for the child’s long term good.

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