Drama feeds high conflict


I’ve spent the last 9 years of my sons life recovering from domestic abuse perpetrated by his father who has very narcissistic tendencies and defending my son, learning to ignore hurtful comments and feeling I have finally come a long way. After months of no contact because either my son didn’t want to go or his Dad didn’t show up, My son was on the phone to his Dad this morning to make arrangements to see his Dad today, his Dad was sweet and gently talking on the phone acting like the good guy, insulting me to my son and then my son made up lies to him to create drama and teamed up with his Dad in bad mouthing me. This is a whole other level I’ve never dealt with before and I am absolutely gobsmacked. I am trying to think what would the parent coaches here do! I feel I haven’t taught him well enough that if it’s not building another person up, we stay quiet. How do I deal with a whole new level of drama?

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