4 Year Old and Grandma need a break


I am a grandparent?! asking the question. My husband and I take turns babysitting my daughter's 2 of 3 kids, their oldest daughter is in 2nd grade. We are baby sitting due to their youngest son, 10 months old has cancer and is immunosuprressed at the moment till he finishes chemo. So our main child we focus on is their just turned 4 year old son. We are at my daughter's home to babysit,(she works from home). My question is how do we get the 4 year old to comply with "quiet time". He is pretty much not sleeping for his nap time and we need the quiet time for us as well as him. He comes out of the room multiple times.
Our problem we are there 6-8 hours we feel we only have the time we are there to enforce the "rules" even though my daughter tries to follow thru if we have any issues. He also has some pretty bad melt downs although not as many now but when does he screams and kicks and will not got his room on his own and needs to be carried in there till he calms down, any thoughts?

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