Child Pooping in Pants


Our 9 year old poops in his pants. This has been going on for years with varying frequency. Sometimes every day, sometimes once a week. Once he went without accidents for 2 months. This happens after school and on weekends, at our home and grandparents’ homes. He gets angry and obstinate when we tell him to use the bathroom (because we can already tell he needs to go). He recently soiled his pants at 2 different friends’ homes within the last week, which is a new development. I believe the child controls his actions and chooses not to disengage from an activity when an accident happens. My husband thinks the child is on a spectrum and his personal MD (of 34 years) mentioned in passing this could be Encopresis and a red flag for future issues like cutting or other bodily harm. He is a middle child (older brother is 10, younger brother is 7). He’s very bright and has lots of friends. He washes his underwear. We have not had him evaluated. Thank you!

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