Young daughter testing the boundaries


Hi! I am following up on questions I asked about a year ago that were titled "The Preschooler: in her Untamed Primal Glory"

Using a parent coach and reading "The Well Behaved Child" (many times) we have made so much progress!

However, I did want to ask a follow-up question. Once about every few months our daughter will seemingly "revert" back to her old self and begin testing us to the extreme again. When this happens, she is usually under the defiant spell for 1-2 weeks before she finally "snaps out of it" again. During this time we do our best to stay consistent with consequences. We've even had to go back to "kicking her out of the garden of Eden" at one point. It's disheartening when this happens but my question is - is this normal? How long should we expect her to continue testing us like this.

Thank you!

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