Out of Sorts with Sports--the Angst of a 7-year Old


Our seven year old son wanted to sign up for soccer this season. He played soccer once a few years ago but hasn’t played organized sports in a few years. So far, he has yet to go to a practice or a game. When he arrives, he freaks out, stays in the car, cries, and even hides. I think he’s incredibly nervous for some reason, and we can’t seem to talk him out of it. He’s generally an outgoing kid though tends to be a little nervous in new situations. However, he doesn’t act like this. When he’s not at a practice or game, he’s really excited and tells people he’s playing soccer. He seems to genuinely want to play until he is actually at a game or practice, and then he’s just overcome with fear. I think he will love playing once he actually gets out there and gets over the hump, and we want to encourage him without making it a battle. Do you have any thoughts about helping him feel brave enough to play? Thanks feel brave enough to play?

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